Dangers Of Texting And Driving Essay

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Driving safe is trusting yourself and others on the road to follow all the laws and regulations of the road. A trust that you will drive without distraction or under influence of any substances. Safe drivers avoid all distractions that would prevent them from reaching their destination safe, also without hurting themself or someone else. Driving is privilege, a privilege to get from one place to another in a timely manner. Although some do not realize the danger of driving. Every time you drive you are putting yourself and others in danger. In america we have a big problem, a problem with texting and driving. Many people do not see the danger in driving while being distracted by their cell phone. Even taking your focus off of the road for a few seconds to check a text is virtual time. So vital that in those few seconds one could make a mistake or not see another's mistake o n the road that it cost them a car crash or even there life. We are in a generation were most teens get cell phones before their first car or licences. A generation where everyone is on there phones to do everything, communicate, social media, and sometimes even school work. Phones are such a big part of everyday life for most americans. Such a big part of our lives that people will put themselves and others in danger. Most drivers get comfortable behind the…show more content…
It is different for every state but I believe that the consequences should be either a very high fee or categorized as high as a DUI, because it is just as deadly as drinking and driving. Your head's not in the write spot at the moment all the focus is on your device. Just like drinking your focus is altered and you cannot focus as well. So why not making texting and driving the same as drinking and driving punishments. People do not have the message of how dangerous and plain out dumb texting and driving

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