The Dare Short Story

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The Dare By:Liz B. It all started with a dare, a dare in which leads to death, a dare of bravery, strength, and fearlessness, that dare was the the reason the people I loved and cared about are now dead. It was a Friday night, but as a 18 year old in college Friday nights weren’t just nights, they were nights of freedom. I went to pick up Emma, Ivy, and June, my BFFs, we we’re headed to my twin brother’s dorm on a different campus, he was with some of his friends, Eddie, Isaac, and Jack. At first we watched YouTube videos about stupid dares while we waited for the pizza to come, then we played two rounds of Uno while we ate our pizza, after that Jack said “ We should totally do truth or dare!” we all thought that was a great…show more content…
But I wanted to go home, but as soon as I re-read the poems in my head I didn’t even want to get up. Terrance began to yawn then we heard it, “The blanket is red, your teddy bear is blue, if you fall asleep I will kill you too.” We all fell asleep slowly without taking notice of what the “Candy Man” had said, but when we woke up Terrance was GONE!!!!! My heart began to beat faster and faster, I yelled his name over and over, then we heard it, “ Once was two now is one, as soon as I killed him my equation was done.” I was crying my heart out, he was my brother, my twin, my only sibling, but most of all apart of my childhood….. I wanted to scream, but I didn’t want to die. Now it was only Me, Ivy, June, Isaac, and Jack. Our stomachs were growling like lions, but the pizza box only had two pieces left, so nobody got any of it. Ivy was totally freaking out, so much we heard this, “ Your smaller the him, bigger than her, your annoying voice sounds like a cat trying to…show more content…
I suggested we play UNO in the kitchen, so we all got up and then sat down at the table, we started the game, but not even 5 minutes later Ivy starts screaming Help, Help, Help, he’s got my leg!! We all backed up leaving Ivy to be pulled under the table, but when we looked under the table she wasn’t there, I was crying, but really I knew she was going to die, plus I didn’t really even like her. We stopped playing Uno and sat back down on the couch in fear of dying

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