The Darfurian Genocide

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Over the course of 100 days more than 800,000 Tutsis were slaughtered by the Hutu majority, and in Sudan/Darfur over 300,000 indigenous people have been murdered by the Arabs. Both Sudan and Rwanda were colonized by foreign countries, Britain and Belgium. Many Europeans countries scrambled for a part of Africa to colonized. This sudden nationalism to colonized this new continent lead to the Conference of Berlin where these countries cut Africa into pieces to colonized. In these newly formed African colonies, Europeans had favored a particular ethnic group exacerbating much of the tension already in these colonies, more specifically Sudan and Rwanda. But after these colonies gained independence even more problems began to emerge. Both these regions experienced genocides as they were neglected by foreign governments, exacerbated with the little support nations gave, and in the end contributing to these mass murders.…show more content…
However, many claim these acts of violence are a civil wars. These tension were caused by political, economic, and oppression from northern Sudanese over the southern Sudanese. The United States denounced the civil war, and declared that a genocide was currently taking place in Darfur. However, little was done. The Sudan government continued equipping nomadic Arab tribesmen encouraging them to raid non-Arab tribes and shelters. Non-western nations’ interests lay in the Sudanese government as officials began trading oil for firearms, fueling the war machine. Lynch explains in Document 13 the lack of foreign

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