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Constance and Charlie is a series of mystery novels by award winning and prolific American author Kate Wilhelm who also writes suspense, speculative, fantasy and science fiction novels. Born Gertrude Katie Meredith in Toledo, Ohio, Kate grew up in Louisville, Kentucky. She gets her last name from her first marriage to Joseph Wilhelm whom she married in 1947. She published Pint Sized Genie her first ever work in 1956 after years working several clerical jobs. As compared to her contemporaries, Katie never did read any popular fiction growing up. Most of the literature available in her time were the pulp magazines that she could not get hold of given that they were sold at a bookstore that also served as the town 's bookie headquarters. However,…show more content…
The Dark Door is the gripping second novel of the Constance and Charlie series of novels. While the novels are classified as science fiction, The Dark Door has more of a mystery feel. A space probe from an unknown Galaxy malfunctions and crash lands on earth causing murder, madness and several unexplained phenomena. The probe has given rise to an evil force that moves all across the globe causing terror and panic and harming anyone that comes into contact with it, except for one man. The man does not know what type of evil force he is dealing with though he has learned its patterns. He traverses the country trying to smoke out the evil force that is known to hide in abandoned buildings. For the detective, all they know is that a deranged person has been setting abandoned schools,m restaurants and hotels on fire with no discernible pattern. What makes finding the arsonist a priority is that each case is accompanied by a mutilation and murder. The unlikely team of Constance Leidl and Charlie Meiklejohn must put to use all their detective skills to get to the bottom of the arsonist and murder…show more content…
Sweet, Sweet Poison is an excellent psychological mystery with a locked room feel. The first to die on the entertaining and fresh mystery novel is Sadie a watchdog owned by Sylvie and Al Zukal. Zukal and Sylvie are two likable fellows that won the lottery and chose to invest their money in upstate New York.After the death of their friend David, the Zukals find Constance and Charlie who they have been informed are some of the best detectives to put on the case. The local sheriff had ruled that the young man had died from a suicide or accident or from an inventive killer that used either gas, bees, drugs or poison. The investigative team of Constance and Charlie unearth a load of suspects that include some agrarian scientists, Warren Wollander the kingmaker, his daughter and the guru she absolutely worships, Warren 's wife, and a flashy

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