Creative Writing: The Dark Forest

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Moonlight shone upon a restless and frost covered clearing. Insects were buzzing and chirping as a bone-numbing breeze stirred the tall grass, spooking the small creatures within. These cold gusts of wind fell from the nearby Atlan Mountains, their large and domineering forms cast enormous shadows down upon the surrounding land; obscuring threats and causing illusions to meander to and fro. Large ancient oak trees acted as astute wardens, as they surrounded the field, giving one a sense of safety and obscurity as it provided a pleasant spot of respite for any traveler to rest peacefully. Yet, the clearing only appeared safe. As the tall grasses and meandering shadows hid the small camouflaged forms of dozens of Fenlings. Their chicken-sized…show more content…
A Fenling’s thick fur gave them ample protection against many blunt weapons and daggers. Their tiny yet dagger-like teeth could bite through the tough hides of the livestock from nearby farms and their claws are sharp enough to pierce open the tough shells of the native blue crabs that populate the many streams and creeks of The Dark Forest. But it is not their organic arsenal that causes people fear them, but the swarm tactics that they often employ when hunting their prey. Unfortunately for these Fenlings, they have underestimated their current…show more content…
However, Bastille had felt the need to leave the city to clear his head. This was due to the fact that the current Guildmaster of the Vanden Seekers Guild had suddenly passed away. And now it was being debated whether or not he should be elected as the next Guildmaster. And due to his abundance of the knowledge of adventuring, this made him the number one pick for the promotion. In fact, the only reason Bastille has not become the new Guildmaster is that he was still on the fence, as this promotion came with many more responsibilities. One of these responsibilities were the mountains of paperwork that came with administering the Guild. Normally, Bastille would’ve refused to accept the promotion without even considering it! But now, Bastille had begun to love the calm and peaceful lands of Vanden and he has even considered settling down here. Another reason Bastille was considering taking the position was that he did not approve of the way that the Guild was currently running. Many Seekers had their pockets lined with gold Drakes by running illegal missions presented to them by the corrupted officials of
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