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The title of the book is "The Dark Hills Divide” written by Patrick Carman. The genre of the book is fiction because it is a literary work of imagination of the author. From the setting to the characters of the story is produced by the imagination of the author, himself. The setting of the book is in the Land of Elyon. There are four places in the Land of Elyon. First is the Ainsworth, second is the Bridewell, third is Lathbury and fourth is Turlock. The main setting of the story took place in Bridewell, the center of everything in the small universe of Elyon. I think, based on the story, the author chose the setting of the story because the place itself, the descriptions given by the author, is very mysterious that can catch the attention…show more content…
Before Alexa unravel the truth and mystery behind those walls, she first found out things that served as clues. First, the Jacostas that is in Sam and Pepper’s neck that served as their pendant, the spyglass of Alexa’s mother and the favorite book of Warvold. The goals of the main character are: first, to find the mystery behind the wall, what is the reason why Wavold built it an; second, to help the animals that are separated by the wall that Warvold built in the forest reunite to each other again; third, to find who Sebastian is and lastly, to save Bridewell from the convicts of Ainsworth. Alexa is trying to accomplish these goals to be able for here to fulfill her mission as the chosen one by the animals in the forest and by Warvold. Before Alexa knew who was working against her, she solved the clues hidden in her mother’s spyglass and read a certain page of Warvold’s favorite book first. With this, the fable that Warvold told her before he died struck the realization of Alexa, in this way, she found out that the clues in her mother’s spyglass shows “Elephant + Worship =…show more content…
The author got this message across when Alexa hesitated to do what is the task that is assigned to her when she had a conversation with Sherwin, Darius’ son. She is thinking that she is just nothing but a twelve year-old girl, with small and thin body. This conversation can be read at page 122, “Then when we have clearly thought wrong, and we should send you back. You’re small enough to use the tunnels and you have the right breeding, those things are true. What you lack is belief. If bringing down the wall would require you to fly, you must believe that you can fly. Otherwise, when the decisive moment comes, you will surely discover you have no wings.” This particular passage made me look back at the moments where I refused to do something because I thought that I do not have the certain capability to do that or this certain task. I honestly confess that Alexa’s lack of belief is similar to what I feel when I am not confident enough to show what I’ve got. Sometimes, I feel scared when thinking of someone is relying to me because of the responsibility that they put upon my shoulder, like

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