The Dark Holds No Terror Summary

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The purpose of this paper is to throw light upon the discrimation of woman in the male dominating society through the character of Sarita in the novel The Dark Hold No Terror. Sarita or Saru is the main character of the novel. This novel presents the search for identity discrimination and suppression faced by Sarita from her childhood to her married life. It is the story of an educated and economically independent woman who is in search of her identity, which leads her to unearth the hidden strength within her. The Dark Holds No Terror ‘ is a story of Sarita and her relationship with her parents, husband and the agonizing discrimination she faces throughout her life. It is the story of a marriage on the verge of breakdown and of a woman who has been made acutely conscious of her childhood. The novels counter the prevalent concept that “everything in girls life is fashioned to a single…show more content…
Being a traditional Hindu woman, it is the duty of a mother to remind her daughter that she is grown up and she should behave accordingly. When Saru attains menarche , the first experience of menstruation is horrifying and painful . Instead of explaining the process to her and putting her at ease, the mother frighten her with the fact that she would bleed for years. She is not permitted to enter the kitchen, puja-room and eat in a separate plate. She is also expected to sleep on a straw. Saru feels why the woman is considered unholy during menstruation periods. For Saru the very word “mother” stands for old traditions and rituals, for her mother sets up a bad model, which distorts her growth as a woman, as a Being… Thus, the strange childhood experiences up her inflated ego and her thirst for power over others. She worked hard to become a doctor. She had clear view of her life and her studies. She did not enter into the college for love and dreams. She wanted to study and become a successful doctor. She knew that that was the reality of her life – to achieve the
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