The Dark Mind Woodsman Sparknotes

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The “Dark Minds” Woodsman case documentary examines the, at the time, unsolved connected murders of five main south women. These women were known prostitutes in the area, in which many of the were also hooked on drugs. Betzaida Montalvo and Carmen Rudy were the first to be discovered at the hillside school in Marlborough, which sparked the investigation, soon after. The documentary goes on to explore the three other deaths of Denelia Torres, found in Hudson, Wendy Morello, found in York, Maine, and Lineida Olivera found in Rutland. M. William Phelps, along with help from John Kelly, a criminal profiler, who profiled the woodsman case. Kelly uses a secret collaborator, a locked up serial killer, to help him determine who the killer is. Thirteen, the…show more content…
Yet, this was not the end the next body that was found, was found similar to the other three, in the Th.back woods of Massachusetts, a familiar territory for the killer. The next baby though, was found way up in York, Maine dumped shortly after her death, and was very sloppy compared to the other four. This was where the killer went wrong. He believed the he could out smart the police by dumping the girls body out of Massachusetts jurisdiction, he wanted to throw the cops off in some way, but it still connected. All five women who had been found were linked in more ways than just prostitution and Main South, they were all young mothers. There was a reason for this, the killers mother was abusive, which effected him later in life causing him to punish these mothers for the abuse he suffered when he was young. The Woodsman wanted some sort of revenge for how his mother treated him and he was able do to so by abducting and murdering Betzaida Montalvo, Carmen Rudy, Denelia Torres, Wendy Morello, and Lineida Olivera all mothers who got mixed up in the wrong
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