The Plague Analysis

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The title of the book is called "The Plague". The vast majority might want at it and asked, "What is the torment?" That is when everybody would find it on google and see that the torment is a genuine bacterial contamination that can be lethal. Now and again alluded to as the "dark torment," the malady is brought about by bacterial strain called Yersinia pestis. This bacterium is found on creatures all through the world and is typically transmitted to people through bugs. The danger of torment is most noteworthy in ranges that have poor sanitation, stuffing, and a substantial populace of rodents. In medieval circumstances, the torment, or "dark demise," was in charge of the passings of a large number of individuals in Europe. This book occurred…show more content…
Whether its fiction or not. For example high school musical (book and movie), you brain wash us to think and believe that high school would be easy, make friends, sing and dance, nice this nice that. Until you live, where I live and you have a school that can never keep heat, bugs, lack of nutrition in the lunch food, teachers who do not want to teach cause of an “attitude” problem, or a principal who will not let you be yourself. We do not understand that this generation can change the world by standing up and owning who we are. Back then in “The Plague” they could not do much as of “helping” them out with that disease. We have the cure for everything that is out there, but the government wants you to sell your soul to get it. Let that sink in for a minute okay. The government has SO MUCH MONEY, how come our school or we still in debt are not well up to date? They keep putting money down on things that does not help us out. So let that sink in, and think about “The Plague”. Ebola, Aids, HIVs, STDs ALL HAVE CURES. The world we live in is so selfish and cold hearted that you would let innocent kids die from a disease that has a cure for it? That is bull crap and I am highly upset with
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