The Dark Raffia Bamboo Forest Short Story

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As they hurried through the dark raffia bamboo forest the ground seems to be moving at the same speed. An unusual quiet atmosphere in a park full of plenty of birds and wild animals. Bobga said: This lightning and thunder in the midst of the dry season is not normal. Sama, look right there. Sama was busy looking up at the big tree that was just a few meters away from them. He is trying to picture from where the clacking boughs sound is coming from. He slips on a banana peeling hit is head on a stone. Blood is oozing out from his head. Sama horrible by this is crying for help. Bobga standing bolt upright. Weary and yawning countless time a minute rubbing hair down to my face sweating. His breath slows down while he remains focused on the approaching pitch-black image. The sun is gradually disappearing. The only thing he can see is a solid raffia forest. Gradually his breathing intensity is stepping up as the moving bluer object draws closer. Panting like a dog he starts running. At the exit, he realizes he is alone. Where is Sama?
Bobga shouting out. Sama! Sama! Sama!

Where are you?

A sudden darkness that causes even the few stars present in the sky to disappear. Its as if the floodgates of heaven have been opened. The first of its kind torrential rain in the middle of the dry season.

I must get my friend out of the forest.

It will not the fair if a leave him there.


God help me.

God perform your miracle let him appear here.

With the wild animals in

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