Film Analysis: The Dark Side Of Chocolate

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U.S House Of Representatives presented a movie on 28 June, 2001 In order to label chocolate as “slave free.” It was shot down by the industry of chocolate. Only few people knew this problem although this is been going on over ten years.
IRLF sponsored DC screening of the documentary “The Dark Side of Chocolate” which depicts child labor in international chocolate industry. Miki Mistrati took audience behind the scene into Mali and Ivory Coast and depicted grim realities of West Africa suppliers of cocoa. Miki traveled to Sikasso, initial point of child trafficking into cocoa plantation where they work without pay. Mariam a young girl told the camera man. She was a victim of trafficking industry. Afterwards Ali Lakiss is shown as the largest
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Roberto Romano and Miki Mistrati the Danish journalist. It is straight investigative journalism than camera. It starts with protagonist and narrator Mistrati, attending a convention in Belgium. He asks from cocoa exporters about rumors of forced child labor on Ivory Coast. They show ignorance. They say if it exists they deplore it.
The problem depicted by Dark Side of Chocolate cannot be solved by small action. It needs serious pressure on big firms. Romano first took interview from companies of Mars and Nestle to make it sure that child labor does not exist. Children were taken from villages with false promises of earning a lot of money which is a heart wrenching sight. Children can be saved from being smuggled but it is almost impossible because back roads are used for getting out of
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Miki ended his documentary with something which reminds Michael Moore to gain attention of companies to inform them what he has discovered. The documentary shocked me because big companies don’t consider it their responsibility to make it sure that no child labor is being used. The footage of The Dark Side of Chocolate shows that the footage is unstable and gritty. This is due to the reason of hidden cameras that resulted in shaky imagery but due to the gritty nature of the film. The director has shown such a heavy topic of discussion which needs bright tone and Mistrati accomplished that. The director was not concerned with taking beautiful shots but wanted to portray in depth argument. Film lacks in composition, it has made for in its take away message: one’s reason of joy may be produced with others source of suffering and
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