The Darkest Evening The Year Analysis

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A story of a dog-loving young woman named Amy,who has a fiance, Brian, whose daughter is in the hands of a past girlfriend treating of her as an object to manipulate him at her will threatening him he would never see her again if done a wrong move. The Darkest Evening of the year, written by Dean Koontz is a moving story where a young woman and her fiance go in search of a child who desires nothing more than to be free of her mother. He embarks on a journey with his lover Amy putting his life and everything in his possession on the line just hoping to have his daughter in his arms. They are not just by themselves, they are accompanied by a four legged friend who will be a key element to begin this long emotional wrecking trip. The most captivating character in the story is Amy Redwing. At first she seems like a typical young woman who loves rescuing golden retrievers, but as the story moves further on the reader gets to see her true personality. During her car ride with her fiance Bryan she mentions she read in National Geographic of a Dog helping a blind person named Marco drive his car, Brain saying it is not possible. “ Marco’s dog sits in the passenger seat. Marco senses from the dog when to turn left and right, when to hit the breaks.” (5) Brian says that there is no place in the world where they allow blind…show more content…
If the story was told from Amy’s fiancee Brian, the reader would have not perceived the same things as one reads the book with a third person point of view. Brian’s focus during most part of the story his main concern is for his daughter. Through his eyes the readers would have been able to see his emotions better during the experience of searching for Vanessa, his ex-girlfriend, to negotiate with her and get his daughter back. The reader would have a better grasp of what he feels throughout the chapters as the story progresses till the end when he comes face to face with his
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