Analysis Of The Darkest Secret Of Marilyn Van Derbur Atler

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I have chosen the article in which scientists and psychologist had debate on the story “the darkest secret” of Marilyn Van Derbur Atler. In my assignment, I will go through the debate and the story of Marilyn. In this article, it is stated that on 8th May, 1991, Marilyn Van Derbur, 54 years old former Miss America walked to the podium at University of Colorado 's Denver campus to announce a family gift of $260,000 to a university research program on child abuse and made a shocking revelation about her very well reputed father who was passed away seven years ago. She said that she was repeatedly molested by her father when she was between 5 to 18 years of age but she tried to keep it all lock in her memory and tried to keep a good and happy…show more content…
It is always better to face the truth and then to move on. We never know how much we have hidden inside us and how much if affects our personality subconsciously. At the surface, we might seem happy and content, but on the inside, we might be going towards depression. If a person does find triggers of having repressed memories, he/she should consult the psychiatrist and get the help he/she needs, it is much better than ignoring or thinking that they are hallucinating. I have so many painful memories that I would like to forget about and that I prefer not remembering. I agree with this idea that your coping mechanism or survival instinct might hide these memories away from you to protect you. Although I personally don’t remember having any repressed memory but there are many things that I feel are too painful for me, without ever realizing why they affect me so much when they should not. Going to the article again and to our book, I do agree with points expressing that how repressed memories can also be false memories that are just making monsters by the active imagination. There are some cases of repressed memories that lead to false accusations and might destroy someone’s reputation and ruin their
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