The Daughters In Faulkner's The Secret Life Of Bees

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Why do people always say that the book was better than the movie? Film makers tend to get a bad reputation about ruining books by making them into movies. However, that may not always be the case. Some books can be considered to follow the storyline very well, like the in the story The Secret Life of Bee’s. Despite the fact that the Daughters of Mary had no impact in the movie, the film was still a faithful adaptation of the book because of the similarities of Lily’s relationship with August, and the outcome of the altercation with T-Ray.

In the book The Secret Life of Bee’s Lily’s moral character is strongly influenced by the Daughters of Mary, however this wasn't the case in the film. In the book the Daughters play an important role in Lily’s life by showing her that race doesn't dictate relationships. In the book one important lesson on racial inclusion was when the Daughters were telling jokes with Lily. She felt as though she was a member of the family, despite the fact she was white, “Sugar-Girl said what she did, like I was truly one of them” (Kidd 209). The movie, however failed to capture the importance of the Daughters of Mary by only featuring them in a brief scene that was somewhat confusing. They had nearly zero speaking roles, and the speaking roles they were in had no teaching or deeper meaning behind the superficial meaning. Despite the fact that the movie didn't accurately represent the Daughters of Mary, most likely due to time
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Even with the lacking presence of the Daughters of Mary, Lily’s strong relationship with August and the depiction of the end of the story, accurately represented the main ideas of the story. With these comparisons taken into consideration, it is important to realize that the latest cinematic thriller may have a good book that goes along with
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