The Dawes Act: Indians Land For Sale

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Abran Alvarado US History 3rd Period 9/19/2015 Dawes Aact The Dawes act is where the government put the Indians land for sale. People had to go race and claim there land. Some people even died over the land. The president of the United States surveyed the land, and he separated it. And put it up for sale. And all the Indians had to move to other land. So basically they got kicked off there land. And it wasn 't fair. And the Indians who accepted the act, like for the government to take there land. They were granted citizenship. The Daws act began in 1891. And it stopped, and then it began again in 1906. The act was named after the person who came up with the act, his name is Henry Laurens Dawes. He was the senator of Massachusetts. The goal
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