The Day America's Independence: A Short Story

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July 4th, the day America claimed their independence. Every year I’m so pumped for this holiday to come around. Just something about makes my day. Maybe the fact that I get to eat and drink cotton candy, funnel cake, and strawberry lemonade for a week straight. Living in Clear Lake never once have I had a 4th without the carnival, it 's the best part. So when you 're 9 years old, that 's all you wanna do. Ride rides, run around, and be with your friends. We all know pretty well that when you have older siblings, they 're in charge of you when your parents aren 't around. Even when you don 't wanna be with them you don 't have a choice in the matter. My sister has been practically my mother in some points of time. She taken care of me and watched me when my mom couldn 't. So 4th of July one year, Drew was watching me, we were spending time with friends and family. Drew and I just wanted to go uptown and see the carnival. Where we were it wasn 't far away so we just walked. Headed uptown, we looking at the sea wall, doing our own thing, then Drew tells me she wants to go to the beach. Me, being my 9 year old self, was hard headed and didn 't wanna go. My sister probably…show more content…
For the longest time Drew never came back, but I didn 't worry about it that much at the time. Right before the fireworks my mom comes running in the house and finds me. What I didn 't know is that she 's been looking for me for at least 2 hours. I couldn 't tell if she was upset or happy. She took me outside and Drew was crying. My mom told me that I had to go to the cops and apologize. That feeling I got in my stomach I will never forget. After I apologized, which I didn 't really think I needed to do, I got yelled at for the 2nd time from my also crying grandma. Boy oh boy did I learn a lesson not to walk away without having complete attention of someone or cell phone. I thought my mom was mad, but I learned she was just afraid to lose me, and I should have been less of a butthead, and
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