Personal Narrative: The Day I Became A Big Brother

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The Day I Became a Big Brother It was April 12th, 2010 three little trouble makers were brought into my life. Born in Odessa, Texas. The first one was named Enrique. The second one was named Eduardo. The final one was named Estrella. The three are my two little brothers and my one little sister. I was about six years old when they were born. At first they were tiny they were as big as my mom’s hand. They weighed less than 20 ounces. These three almost didn’t make it the doctor said he didn’t think they were gonna make it. They spent most of their few months in hospitals. We had to travel a few times to Lubbock, Texas where they got transported after awhile. Of course I had to come to school here in Stanton, Texas so while my parents…show more content…
Then later on they began to have their first christmas and other holidays than their first birthday came to be. They were now one years of age. Nothing really happened for the first 2 years or nothing that I could remember. They were so cute and adorable but then they began to walk and say gibberish and this is when i realized it wasn’t gonna be pleasant for me. The biggest and oldest name is Enrique but we call him Kique. He was the most talkative one out of the bunch. He may seem really intimidating but he’s really sweet. The second oldest is the smallest size wise out of the three he is named Eduardo but we call him Wally he is the troublemaker and he is the most adventurous one. The last one is named Estrella she has no nickname like the boys. She's the most quietest one but really friendly. As they got older they got in more trouble each day except the girl Estrella she was the good one out of the three. When my mom use to take them outside to play they would always run off the yard and so my mom told my dad that we needed to get a fence so in like a month my dad had a full fence built around the backyard. He didn't do it all by himself he had two friends and i would go out their to help too. So after that they

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