Short Story The Day I Become Black

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Task 1 The story “The day I become black”, was a story that I found interesting. The story is about a boy called Willem Reerink who looked like a normal “white” person. he He is a totally normal kid. He was good at school, he went to swimming classes and he didn’t often get in any trouble . But one day at school, they began to discuss basketball stars and they said that only black persons could become famous basketball stars, and since nobody in our class was an African American, it was not possible. Is was then Willem raised his hand and said “I am”. What he meant with that was that one of his parents was an African American. And from that day he was for some reason black.
This story gets me to ask one question, “why?”. Why does people think Willem is “black” just because one of his parents is an African American? This should not be a thing. He shouldn’t be called black just because one of his parents are , if he doesn’t want to be called it. Racism was a really big thing a couple year ago, and it’s still a big thing today. But this days, it’s more a joke. Racism has more become less
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For many people traditions are big and small highlights in the year. It is many different traditions in the world. Some small some huge.
In Norway we have some traditions. Some of them can be related to religion, but many people still celebrate them. One of them are, if you are a Christian, it is like a tradition to go to church every Sunday. itIt´s not every Christian that does that, but it´s like an old tradition that you can do if you want to. Another tradition that is much bigger than the last tradition, is Conformation. Conformation is originally a religious tradition, but in the past years, non-religious people have been doing the same thing. A Conformation I is a big party to confirm and celebrate that you have become an adult. You normally celebrate this when you are 14, and becomes 15 years
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