The Day I Met Hope (SPCA)

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Her deep brown eyes gazed up at me with trepidation and uncertainty. Her bones frail, her gesture timid. Despite the sheet of glass dividing us, I could already feel her becoming a part of me. Curiosity and compassion overcame my mind as she was taken into another room. This was the day I met Hope.

I always had a captivating spirit of inquiry. I was the kid constantly asking questions and not much has changed since. The psychological concept that past experiences have the capability of defining an individual intrigues me. I took the knowledge I both gained and planned to acquire from my sophomore psychology class and visited my local SPCA. Two years prior, I took action regarding my passion for animals and began taking training courses, eventually becoming a gratified official Wake County
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Early sophomore year, I visited with the objective of discovering how human relationships influence animal behavior, particularly the mistreated. This was the day I met Hope. Her fragile body stood there scrutinizing me. Regardless of her feebleness, I still thought she was beautiful. The young pit-bull mix exhibited her distinctive brindle coat. I had the honor of not only interviewing the SPCA director and an animal behaviorist, but Lisa, who rescued Hope from a shelter planning on euthanizing her. With the information and film gathered from my experiences, I created a documentary to share Hope 's story and spread awareness of animal neglect. Not only did I learn from her, but I admire her for her strength and ability to overcome.

Along with Hope, I discovered the ability to conquer obstacles while acquiring a personal
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