The Day I Remember-Personal Narrative

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Going through a traumatizing event can be stressful and show you what you are made of. These are things I went through the day I got hit by a car. I learned many lessons that day and the days to follow. I learned the true meaning of friendship, strength, and endurance. I thought I knew the meaning of all these things until that tragic day. One morning in October I woke up just as I did every other day. I didn 't know this particular day would change me and the way I think forever. I was making breakfast when I received a phone call from a girl who I once considered my friend, Sasha. She was yelling at me and accusing me of things I didn 't do. I tried to explain things to her. She wouldn 't listen. When the call ended she told me I would regret messing with her. I didn 't take the things she was…show more content…
Later, I decided to go for a walk. It was the beginning of fall and the air was crisp. The leaves were changing colors and creating the most beautiful scenery. It was the perfect day for a walk to reflect on what happened earlier that day on the phone with Sasha. About halfway into my walk, I began hearing a honking sound in the distance. Then I realized where the sound was coming from, it was Sasha 's car. She was speeding up the road I was walking on. I could hear her screaming. That 's when it happened. It all occurred so fast I didn 't realize what was going on. On the ground, I tried to get up but my leg was in pain I couldn 't move. Luckily my neighbor was outside, witnessed what happened and was able to call 911. An ambulance took me to the hospital. My ankle was shattered. The doctors began informing I needed surgery. I made calls to inform my friends and family. My best friend, Lindsey came and waited while I was in surgery. She was also with me when I arrived home and helped me with anything I needed. I could not walk. I am a person who likes to take action and get things done. I am always on the go. She helped me to see how strong I was when I felt weaker

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