The Day Jimmy's Ba Ate The Wash Analysis

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“The Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate the Wash” It is a story where the character telling the tale about the field trip was not the only one experiencing the situations or emotions but one of many. It is apparent she lives in an apartment, eats peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and has someone to inquire about her day. The trip to the farm takes an eventful turn when one brings his boa, which is an exaggeration for the size alone, to meet the other animals. Chaos erupts, the boa slithers off and the children are forced to leave due to their misbehavior. All is not lost as a pig is the new pet of the boa owner and the farmer has a new pet of a boa. Humor is the tone and can be found not only in the text but in the illustrations. There remains a story behind the story, the illustrator portrays the little girl in her home telling about the field trip, while she has a snack and gets ready to go play with her friend, who now owns the pig however while describing parts of the field trip the pictures display the entire actions. The artwork answers a question that the text did not “what scared the farmer’s wife?” however the illustration does, and displays the…show more content…
He is told of the big hungry bear that loves strawberries and can smell them out even after they’ve been picked, however there’s a solution and it’s to share it between the two of them, leaving no evidence of the picked fruit. The pictures are detailed permitting the realization of the fear in the eyes of the mouse after hearing about the bear along with the personification of his ability to use a latter and sit at a table while eating. While the words are few the illustrations continue to add to the story’s details, for instance using multiple lines to show the strength it took to pull the strawberry off the
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