The Day Of The Locust Character Analysis

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Born to Shine The Day of the Locust written by Nathanael West, is a satirical novel that tells the story of Tod Hackett and the people he encounters on his journey in Hollywood. One person he encounters is Faye Greener, a young, unskilled aspiring actress. Faye’s character helps in illustrating the theme of fakeness. West shows this theme in several passages throughout the novel but one that stands out the most is” Being with her was like being backstage during an amateurish, ridiculous play. From in front, the stupid lines and grotesque situations would have made him squirm with annoyance, but because he saw the perspiring stagehands and the wires that held up the tawdry summerhouse with its tangle of paper flowers, he accepted everything and was anxious for it to succeed. He found still another way to excuse her. He believed that while she often recognized the falseness of an attitude, she persisted in it because she didn't know how to be simpler or more honest. She was an actress who…show more content…
Harry Greener, Faye’s father, was also in the entertainment business as a clown, and just like Faye he was not a good performer. There is never any mention of Faye’s mother though out the whole novel, this is important because now Faye only has her father to look at for a role model. Her father is unskilled and did not make it big and that is what Faye is used to. She does not know any other life style. This passage also shows that Faye knows but does not fully understand as to why she does what she does. She has no other talent that will get her somewhere in life. The one movie she was in, she had one line that was not important. Faye Greener in some ways is a good actress. Every day she puts on this act and takes the role of a confident women who has it all and knows what she wants in life. When in reality, she has no
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