The Day She Went Away Analysis

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What drives us to undertake a mission? What drives people to undertake a mission depends on how much they want to achieve there mission. Farah Ahmedi, Walt, and Stanley Pierce all wanted to undertake a mission. They all achieved there mission. Farah wanted freedom, Walt promised to watch a land, and Stanley wanted to strike rich.

Farah Ahmedi

Farah Ahmedi was a young girl who risked her life to reach freedom. When Ahmedi was younger, her leg got blown off. The story said,"Missing a leg after stepping on a land mine when she was seven..." So she got a prosthetic leg, but she didn't give up. When she got older, her and her mom left to reach freedom.The story said,"...Ahmedi and her mother decided to flee their home in Kabul in search of a better life." They were pushed and shoved, but they didn't give up. They found away to reach freedom but it was tough. She had to climb over a mountain with a prosthetic leg. The story said,"Then tomorrow night we will all go over the mountain together, in God's grace." She did't give up and she made it. Ahmedi and her mother
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He chose to lead people six miles through the freezing cold. The story said, "I volunteered to lead the procession..." He did not give up and he finally got there. Some people regretted it because they got frostbite.The story said, "Quite a number regretted going to Swede creek on that trip. At least six men had there feet frozen, and two men died in the hospital from pneumonia.'' But Stanley did not. He wanted to strike rich so bad, that he kept going even though everyone else regretted it, he did not.

Over all, all of the characters tried really hard and accomplished there goal. Stanley walked 6 miles to strike rich, Farah climbed a mountain to reach freedom, and Walt stole a dog sled just to save someones land. They all wanted what they wanted so much, that they risked there lives to do it and accomplish
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