Dead Man's Curve Road: A Short Story

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The darkness seemed to go on forever. No source of light was to be seen but the moon illuminating the world beneath it. The cool night air blew on my back, and I felt my feet quiver. I wondered why I had chosen this road of all others. The Dead Man 's Curve Road was not one to trespass, but I had no options.

For the previous month or so, there have been numerous reports on people going missing in this street, or people sporting mysterious dark figures or paranormal activity as they drove through the road. The police seemed on the verge of shutting off the road from public access until they solve the mystery, however, they suddenly changed their minds allowing people to pass as they freely will.

Clearly, I was not doing this by free will. Having no means of transportation, or
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I snapped my eyes back to the adolescent, at last clear to his conversation. The first time I heard his voice, my heart nearly stopped. The second time I heard his voice, I thought I was hearing wrong. The third time I heard his voice, I didn 't know if it was real or not. The fourth time I heard his voice, I knew it. It was him, Carl, my father 's favorite employee, the world 's kindest person, or so I thought until I heard the next sentence.

"Yes boss, I will eliminate her quickly. It will not take long for Mr. James to notice his daughter 's disappearance, he will be devastated to learn that it was of her free will that she had entered the road and caused her own demise. So devastated, in fact, he would be unable to resume his business, and the rest would just be a price of cake."

My heart missed a beat as I registered his words. He planned to use me to destroy my father. In that moment of thought, I was mind blown, all the pieces seemed to add up and realization struck me. How coincidental it was that most of those who disappeared happened to work under my father and carried a great dislike for
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