The Dead-Personal Narrative

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“We found him last night, Jason. He was just lying there and we thought he was asleep,” explained Mrs. Witt, bawling her eyes out. “What happened to him? Is he okay?” I inquired. Mr. Witt embraced his wife, who was too disappointed to reply. Mrs. Witt brought herself together only to mutter, “Jason, Rick is dead.” I immediately left the Witt household, too saddened to be home before curfew. How could Rick possibly be dead? He was a straight A student, part of the peer leadership clubs at school, and one of the safest kids I knew. What possibly could’ve happened? As I stumbled into my old house at 11:00, my parents bombarded me with questions about my disappearance. I shrugged them off and headed up to my bedroom, questions racing through my mind. Even when my sister desired to play outside with me that evening, I ignored her, desperately trying to reach the pleasant comfort of my bed to think about what happened to Rick. I discovered a bowl of watermelon on my counter, courtesy of my mom. I walked over and looked into the bowl. Staring down at the pink and green fruit, I felt a chill run down my spine. Just then, I…show more content…
Even the manager didn’t have a clue where he was at that moment. He must’ve been new, but that didn’t explain Mickey’s unusual absence. Without him being at work, I couldn 't confront him, as he doesn’t go to the same school that me and Rick went to. I had to take a break and start anew tomorrow. Rick 's parents have finally taken Rick’s rotting, day old corpse to the doctors to examine exactly what killed him. After hours of testing, it was concluded that it was a type of poison, the exact one found in the watermelon. This meant that the watermelon indeed killed him. It was the fault of whoever managed to get that watermelon to Rick, and I needed to find out who that was. It still could’ve been Mickey Simons, but it could have been anyone else, too, so I decided to continue my hunt for Rick’s
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