The Dead: The Day Of The Dead

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The day of The Dead is a very traditional thing to celebrate in places like Mexico. Dia de los Metros is a holiday for remembering and honoring those who have passed. They put food on an altars because in welcome them to their home. They put food on an altars because in welcome then in. One thing that i learn about the day of the dead was that is was a Mexican holiday. It's a holiday that falls on November 1 and 2 of each year. The holiday is a blend of pre Hispanic indigenous beliefs and Spanish Catholic beliefs. Other thing was the holiday focuses on gathering of the family and friends to pray for remember friends and family and members who died. Our similar celebrations in our American culture are have Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. The festivities are dedicated to the goddess, she is known as the Lady of…show more content…
The Day of the Dead is celebrated in both public and private spaces. It is most often celebrated in homes and graveyards. Day of the Dead customs in Mexico vary from town to town, and when celebrated abroad it also takes on its own unique flair in each community. It is usually a combination of rituals and introspection that ultimately takes on a joyous tone. The major feature of Day of the Dead decorations is skeletons. Skeletons are everywhere, from tissue-paper scenes to tiny plastic toys. While Day of the Dead and Halloween are both offshoots of All Saints' and All Souls' Days, their tone couldn't be more different. Halloween's images of skeletons and spirits emphasize the spooky creatures. Hernando Cortez led this tradition. Moving from those who died as children to those who died when they were older. This concludes our essay and about the
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