The Death Denalty: The Consequences Of The Death Penalty

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“Today the death penalty is still used in 32 states in America, including the state I live in—Ohio” (Bushman). There are 50 states in America, and over half of them have legalized the death penalty. The consequence of the death penalty could be considered people getting what they deserve for taking someone’s life, but there is a huge debate on whether the death penalty is unconstitutional or not. Although some say the death penalty deters crime, it should be illegal in the United States. Historically, murdering or raping ended in the death of the defendant. It is now an issue, because of the civil rights era and the bill of rights. Ever since people started getting punished for crimes, the death penalty was the punishment for murder(Bushman). If one were to kill someone else, they would be sentenced to what is now called death row. This causes major controversy, debating what crimes should lead to death and what should be a life sentence in prison. This has been in order for many many years, but with a constant changing society, it should be eliminated. “When someone takes the life of an innocent, law-abiding citizen, should that person 's life be taken in return as the ultimate punishment? Some say that taking a life is wrong, whether it is done through the death penalty or murder”(Preface to 'Is the Death Penalty Just and Ethical?). Going off of what was stated before, this is a major controversial issue. Even though there are many arguments for and against taking a

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