The Death Of Benny Paret Rhetorical Analysis

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Norman Mailer, the author of “ The Death of Benny Paret”, describes the egregious fight between Benny Paret and Emile Griffith and also portrays those men every differently through his tone.The author's baleful tone of Griffith gives the reader a negative image through diction, imagery and detail that is being used by Mailer. Mailer uses diction and detail to portray Griffith as an ominous being that is out to take Paret's life. Mailer describes how Griffith cannot be tamed by his "his trainer, his manager, his cutman" and the referee who "leap[s] into the ring" because he [is] off on an orgy"(Mailer). Norman Mailer uses the details to describe the wild and excessive actions of Griffith and also how forceful Griffith is during the fight against Paret. Mailer utilizes the word "orgy" to demonstrate the ungovernable spirit of Griffith to a person at wild party and how no one can stop him. The detail and diction displays Mailer's baleful tone toward Griffith by asserting that Griffith is a uncontrollable, wild monster, whose actions is voluminous. The effect of Mailer's diction and detail is that Mailer makes the reader have a bias toward Griffith.…show more content…
Mailer describes Griffith "like a cat " who "is ready to rip the life out of a huge boxed rat" when he is fighting Paret. The author uses imagery to describe the eagerness of Griffith when he is about to take the life out of Paret in the fight. The detail and imagery displays Mailer's baleful attitude toward Griffith by describing him as a vicious cat that is about to rip the life out of an innocent animal. The imagery and detail that Mailer uses gives the reader an image of how eager Griffith is to kill Paret. The image of cat killing a rat and how the cat looks before killing the rat is a very horrifying image which makes the reader transform Griffith from a boxer to heinous and vicious villain who is ready to

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