The Death Of Blame In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Blame is the act of assigning responsibility to someone for a fault or wrong. People resort to blame because, it is easier to blame others instead of taking responsibility for the fault or wrong. Blame is a factor in Romeo and Juliet because, blame contributes to the death of Romeo and Juliet. Two key factors to blame that contributed to this tragedy are Tybalt’s actions against Romeo and Mercutio and Friar Laurence’s poor actions of marrying and planning the fake death of Juliet.
One important key factor in Shakespeare’s play to blame is Tybalt’s actions against Romeo and Mercutio. This is shown when Tybalt and Mercutio initiate a play fight. Tybalt ends up killing Mercutio on accident and walks away with oblivion. The death of Mercutio triggers
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This is shown when Juliet and Romeo ask the Friar to marry the couple. The Friar has complete knowledge that the two households have a strong hate against each other yet, he marries the couple in good intention in hopes to heal the hate bond between the households. This plan does not work out because, Romeo (Montague) kills Tybalt (Capulet) which provokes a marriage between Paris and Juliet and the banishment of Romeo. Juliet asks the Friar what she could do in order to cancel the marriage. The Friar comes up with a plan to fake her death to avoid the marriage and send a letter to Romeo to notify she was not dead. This plan fails because, the Friar’s letter was not receive to Romeo because, a quarantine in Verona and would not let the messenger go out of town. This caused Romeo to be in a depressed state of mind because, he thought that she was dead. This situation is significant because, this misinforms Romeo that Juliet has died. This event caused a ripple effect because the plan made Romeo think Juliet was dead because he did not get the note which misinforms Romeo of Juliet’s fake death and this incident causes Romeo to commit suicide and Juliet to kill herself after the death of
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