The Death Of Horatio Alger Analysis

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The article “The Death of Horatio Alger” By Paul Krugman Dives into the cruel story of america not being the land of opportunity we once knew and loved. The article goes straight into it by starting with our nation's history of inequality going all the way back to the 1940s. Krugman then goes from there going into times when economic mobility was easiest to when it was hardest to now. To sum up what he says is the now our class mobility is at a all time low and if that was not bad enough apparently our politicians are “doing everything they can to fortify class inequality, while denouncing anyone who complains”(Krugman) the article covers what a politician with this goal would do as in what policy they would work to implement and more. The …show more content…

He goes on to compare the class difference from 1920s-1940 to now. This comparison allows him to use a time period we all either know or can easily look up known as the great depression in order to paint a bleak image in our minds of now. This is not the only time he uses comparison with something most associate with negative thoughts in order to paint the picture in our minds this time however he compares our society with a caste system the idea that your birth will detrimen your place in our society for ever which goes against the american idea of freedom and equality. These comparison get the job done at getting people to feel like we are that …show more content…

However when it comes to how great the gap is I have heard different things depending on who I talk to. I think it is not as bad as Krugman makes it out to be but it’s not exactly at a point I want it either. As a fast food minimum wage employee I can see how it seems next to impossible to make it up in the world to be honest if it wasn’t for my parents financial support I wouldn’t have made it this far. But not all have that they can’t afford to work and go to college to improve their pay grade even if they are twice as smart or talented than me just because their parents can’t support them like mine do me and that's

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