The Death Of Ivan Ilyich Summary

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The Death Of Ivan Ilyich
Don 't be like Ivan Ilyich! Don’t fret on what everyone thinks society should be. You never know what day is going to be your last so live it how you want to live it. Ivan was so concerned about what others in an aristocratic society thought that he became obsessed with money,looks, and his family 's social status. Ivan slipped in into a dark spiritual and physical place. But suddenly developed spiritual knowledge with the help of Giarism his nurse. Ivan was a very unhappy man and looked at each day as if it was just another day to get through. He married a woman named Praskovya for status not because he loved her. Soon they had children, and Ivan’s job as a ministry became a routine. He became obsessed with promotions after promotions to get more money to meet the financial needs of his family. Due to the children the children and his job Ivan and Praskovya found they were becoming more and more distant. Praskovya started to act moody and rude and Ivan was overwhelmed. Which made their relationship very rocky. Ivan always did what was expected of him. He provided for his family and went to social gatherings maintaining his social status. He attended school like his father at a young age with the intent on getting and maintaining a good job. Ivan
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He complains about a pain in his side and a bad taste in his mouth. With the doctor not knowing what 's wrong with Ivan he get’s more paranoid. The concerned that it could be serious Ivan begins to get scared about death, because he hasn’t lived his life to the fullest. Ivan then isolates himself from everyone and grows very lonely. Only left to think about his past. Awhile after, Giarism starts to truly see Ivans pain and helps guide him through a spiritual path. With the help or giarism he realises the right way to live his life. He overcome depression and the negative things in his
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