The Death Of Love In 'Dante's Inferno'

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Jake Barnes is impotent as a result of a wound he got during the World War I. During his stay in a hospital he fell in love with a British woman named Brett Ashley; he has to live his own grief watching Brett in several love affairs with two marriages. Critic Michael S. Reynolds comments “Hospitalized in England, Jake falls in love with his nurse, Brett Ashley: the sexually incapable man and the sexually active woman - a punishment that might have come from Dante’s Inferno” (Reynolds, 1989, p.25). With a hope to get any sort of normal life, Jake struggles to find a meaning of his life through his work as an American journalist and through his friendships and his sports especially bullfighting. Once Jake picks up a pretty prostitute named Georgette and her attempt for sex was faced by Jake’s declaration that he is sick. The brief presence of Georgette and her attempt to get sex for the sake of money led to establish one of the important themes of the novel which was the death of love. Jake leaves Georgette at dancing club named a Bal Musette after he has met Brett there. Jake and Brett left the club. They both got in a taxi and Brett exposed her miserable…show more content…
Bill Gorton, an American veteran and Jake’s friend, arrives to Paris and it is arranged that he and Jake will go to Spain to attend the fiesta at Pamplona and to enjoy fishing in the Irati River. Brett returns from San Sebastian to meet her fiancé Mike Campbell and she asks Jake whether she and her fiancé can join in this trip with a request preceding that from Cohn to join. Jake’s deepest despair appears when he learns that Cohn had an affair with Brett and he was with her in San Sebastian not in the countryside of Paris in which it is revealed by Brett through her speech with Jake after her inquiry whether Cohn will join them on this
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