The Death Of Paris In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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“Stay not, be gone. Live, and hereafter say A madman’s mercy bid thee run away.” 5.3.74-75 In these lines of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Romeo Montague is forewarning the noble Paris to leave the Capulet’s Monument or face death. It is known that Paris stays and Romeo kills him. However, Romeo is not the only cause of Paris’ death. Why was Paris in the Capulet’s tomb the night he was killed? Juliet Capulet killed Paris by forging her own death, causing herself to be in the tomb where both Romeo and Paris had come to visit her and later die. Romeo and Juliet are not the only people that are at fault for the death of the noble Paris. Lord Capulet was the one that brought Paris into this tragedy in the first place. Although Lord Capulet and Juliet were not the ones to physically kill Paris, they, along with Romeo, are the reason for the death of Paris.…show more content…
Lord Capulet is the one that threw the party where Romeo met Juliet. Lord Capulet should have had Juliet meet Paris in private where they could only fall in love with each other. If Lord Capulet had let his daughter remain unmarried, then Paris would not have been involved at all. If Capulet had let Juliet find love on her own, then Paris would not have died. Lord Capulet refused to pay attention to Juliet when she said that she did not want to marry Paris, so Juliet felt the need to fake her own death in order to be with Romeo, this led to Juliet being in the tomb where Paris went to visit her, met Romeo, and was killed. Lord Capulet had good intentions, but we all know where good intentions
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