The Death Of The Funeral Business Analysis

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The Death of the Funeral Business by Sandy Hingston is about funeral and cremation. She arranged her article by using short stories of peoples’ opinions about death and their experience with deaths of their loved one. However, in the middle of article to almost the end she writes about how technology is slowly changing the phase of traditional funeral. In today society, we uses technology so much that it becomes our everyday routine. Technology affects our lives so much that it got to an extent where technology became a part of funeral memorials. After reading this article, I strongly feel that technology is starting to overrule society because people uses technology in everything they do whether for communication or connection. In the article, Hingston writes “Families can have a memorial online. Visitors can add message and condolences” (Hingston 40). Hingston want her reader to see that people will no longer go to a funeral because they could use technology to send out their condolences without showing up at funeral. The way Hingston relates internet to funeral is to show audience the impact technology have on funeral because people pays attention…show more content…
Hingston decided to write about TV in funeral home because she want the reader to see the changes in funeral homes. She did a good job at describing the modification of funeral home because the reader could easily understand it. An example from the article is when Hingston says “The home’s chapel have been fitted with discreet flat-screen TVs, for showing collages and tributes; prayer cards bear photos of the deceased instead of images of Christ” (40). I could imagine the home’s chapel with a flat-screen TV with people looking at the collages on the flat-screen. Technology devices like TV is useful for funeral home because people would be less depressed after looking at collages of the
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