The Death Of The Moth Virginia Woolf Analysis

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The Death of the Moth Virginia Woolf is one of the most famous novelists of the 20th century. She has been using the metaphors and allusions throughout her writing career. She used the themes of love and life, boredom and death, nature and growing up, to show how different we all are. At the same time, by demonstrating these differences, Woolf highlighted that we all are struggling with being unique. Her whole life she had been busy with finding herself, not trying to disturb the others. She was an extraordinary woman who has written incredible short stories and novels. ‘The Death of the Moth’ is a short story that was published right after Woolf’s death. Reading it for the first time does not provide the needed effect. Only by getting deeper and rereading it, the reader can find the meaning and significance of the piece.…show more content…
Virginia Woolf has never disappointed her readers by producing something boring or bland. She gives it all in every piece of writing, the parts of her soul are left forever in her novels. ‘The Death of the Moth’ is a small story about the fleeing life. It is also about the death as the necessity of the life, rather than something extra. Secondly, people often fear death as they cannot control it. They try to take hold of almost everything: even their life. We try to control our aging processes, eating habits, romantic involvements. We try to become the Gods. But how can we, if in reality, we do not know anything about the world, our purpose of being here. The only thing that is left for us is to accept that we will die eventually and that is the component of
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