Why The Death Penalty Harmful

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Emma Damare
Professor Jones
English 103
5 February 2018 Death Penalty: More Harmful than Helpful
The death penalty has been around causing problems for decades, starting before the 1800’s and still creating issues today. The only people who gain anything from having the death penalty is the government. This is because they determine whether or not the inmate is “curable” from their possible mental sickness based on the crime they commit. Some inmates get out for good behavior or parole, but the rest aren’t given a second chance at life. Why is the death penalty a bad thing to have? Executing prisoners comes at a big expense: it costs a lot of money, innocent people are accidentally executed and
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It is a proven fact that every time an execution happens, a minimum of 3 innocent people are tried and killed for the crime before the actual killer is even caught. The idea that so many civilians could die for something they had no part in is sad, as that is basically sacrificing a specific amount of good people just to kill one murderer. Innocent people can be convicted for different reasons, but a big one is when they receive a bad attorney. According to Martin Yant, author of the book Presumed Guilty: When Innocent People Are Wrongly Convicted, states “Larry Hicks was almost executed for a murder he didn’t commit because he has a lazy court-appointed attorney who didn’t even bother to appeal his conviction” (12). An innocent person would have been killed for something that was the court’s fault. Why does the court still make these decisions when they have likely put a lot of innocent people on the chopping…show more content…
It means that innocent people wouldn’t be getting executed for crimes they did not commit or were framed for. It means that families would be able to get answers for their questions and would maybe be able to start working towards forgiveness. The death penalty only really does harm when thinking of the big picture and the overall effects of this penalty. Without this possibility in the world, there would be a possibility of cohesion to happen more amongst different races and
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