The Death Penalty: The Pros And Cons Of Capital Punishment

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When American colonists fought for and won independence, they accepted England's laws, including capital punishment. Since then, England and our other close allies have abandoned the process of putting criminals to death. We are, however, allied with Russia, China, Libya, Iran, Cuba, Chile and Saudi Arabia in the use of capital punishment.

The way in which we legally put criminals to death has changed frequently since colonial times in the interest of executing human beings in a more, "civilized manner." Hanging and firing squads were most widely used until the electric chair was invented in 1890. Electrocution stayed with us until relatively recent times, being replaced mostly by the gas chamber, then finally lethal injection, which is
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Abolitionists disagree, stating the punishment is too harsh to serve justice, and it will not deter the committing of heinous crimes. The scriptures of the world's major religions seem to agree with, "an eye for an eye," advocates while at the same time concurring with abolitionists that, the death penalty--no matter the circumstances--is an immoral punishment. From these opposing views, we must conclude that scriptures were written by human beings, some accepting, others rejecting capital punishment. Therefore, it isn't possible to go to religious writings to find an answer acceptable to everyone. In searching for solutions, however, we should look at the Oklahoma City bomber's (Timothy McVeigh)…show more content…
This alternative would include the absence of communications with the outside world such as letters, radio, television, computer, telephone and visitation, except when earned by the prisoner after lengthy confinement.

The second alternative would be to banish the condemned from civilization--all civilization, no matter how primitive. To banish them to a place so isolated that those sentenced would be required to struggle every waking moment to survive. Most would likely hold out for only a few weeks. Some might hang on for years, if it is the will of God. It must be a place from which no one can escape and so isolated that contact with the outside world is impossible.

Where can we find such a place? Outer space is a likely choice, but the cost would be prohibitive. Antarctica comes to mind next. The Supreme Court would likely consider it as cruel and unusual punishment, the same tribunal which ruled that legal killing of a human being is not cruel and unusual. The tropics should be ruled out because the climate is too
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