Compare And Contrast Declaration Of Independence And The Fourth Of July Speech

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Compare and Contrast: The Declaration of Independence and the Fourth of July Speech The United States of America is forever proud of their past and always optimistic about the future. It 's interesting to see how passionate people are when it comes to America 's history and how bright the future can be. In the two pieces, one author uses pathos to evoke people’s emotions to remind them of their past, and another uses formality and articulate language to set plans for the future. In the Declaration of Independence and the Fourth of July speech both authors use tone, details, and syntax to make their purpose, whether it be about the past or the future, or whether it be setting goals or swaying opinions, understood. In the Declaration of …show more content…

In the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson constructs his sentences delicately, using simple, compound, and predicate sentences long sentences with compound predicates, for example, “we held these truths to be self evident, …all men are created equal, ...with certain inalienable rights, ...among those are life, liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”, to support his cause and to convince the audience to stand up against the government. By adding more and more support to each claim, Jefferson eradicates doubt. Douglas, on the other hand, uses similar syntax, but he is attempting to get people on his side, because he is only reminding them to of the brutality of slavery and letting them decide for themselves. For example, he says “fellow citizens, above your national, tumultuous joy, I hear the mourning wail of millions, whose chains heavy and grievous yesterday, or today rendered more intolerable by the jubilant shouts that reach them.” Jefferson does not use this syntax and sentence style to add reasons to his cause, but uses long sentences and compound predicates to keep the audience captivated in his emotional toil. In short, Jefferson and Douglas both use the similar syntax and sentence structure but Jefferson uses it to draw people to his cause while Douglass uses it to keep readers hanging on to every last emotional

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