The Declaration Of Independence, By Thomas Jefferson

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The American Revolution or also known as The War of Independence was brought on by American colonists. The colonists felt the taxations and limitations oppressed onto the Americans by British was worth fighting for their rights. The Americans had George Washington as their general, and Washington had an itch to keep the moral of the colonists alive during the hard times. In the times of The American Revolution, the Second Continental Congress emerged and voted for freedom from Great Britain. Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin came together and formed a document stating the colonists’ intent to gain independence from Great Britain. This document was adopted on the fourth of July in seventeen seventy-six, the document was named The Declaration of Independence and would forever change the course of history of The United States of America or possibly the whole world.…show more content…
He was elected to write because of his ability to express patriotism and his past writing, such as, “A Summary View of the Rights of British America.” He gave the draft to Benjamin Franklin and John Adams to review before handing the official document over for review. Jefferson began writing in mid-June of seventeen seventy-four. He came to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with three slaves, so he could draft the Declaration of Independence. The reason to why it was written is that the colonist’s needed a formal statement claiming the much needed separation away from the British crown. They also needed a boost in moral and a reason to keep fighting in the
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