The Declaration Of Independence Literary Analysis

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During the writing of “The Declaration of Independence”, Thomas Jefferson go to great lengths to describe why the colonies were choosing to separate themselves from Great Britain. This is done not only so readers will have a detailed description of what the American people were facing while being ruled by the King. The vivid depiction of all the cruelty he has shown towards the people. Furthermore, the lengthy, highly descriptive examination of all the wrongs and showing that the colonists made many appeals to the King but also the people of Britain that the reader now feels as if it is wrong for the Colonies to be under Great Britain. Thomas Jefferson begins by detailing the ethical standings of all people that live within the colonies. Letting the reader know the purpose behind “The Declaration of Independence” and the reason it was made. He then follows this with a description of why the colonies need to break away from Great Britain and start to rely on God. It starts to become clear to the reader that the colonist need to gain their own rights and find happiness. That is one thing that Thomas Jefferson was giving to the people a chance of prosperity and hope. Because for so long they were beaten down and oppressed. Following the account of how man should seek “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” (The Declaration of Independence) the writer lets the people know that everyone has the right to overthrow a government if the human rights are unfair and unjust. And

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