The Declaration Sentiment: Women's Rights Movement

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The Declaration Sentiment The movements of American women grew as a result of an abolitionist drive of that happened between the 1830s and 1840s.In the ancient America, gender roles were enshrined in laws in most societies. Women were to get married and take care of their families. No woman was allowed to go out of their homestead once they got married to a working husband. It was even funny that the law of employment did not permit the absorption of two persons from the same family in the job market. The fight for women’s right in America in the early 1800s, by a few women reformists who felt that their rights were infringed by the government and American society, came so early. Seneca Falls convention which was conducted in 1848 in Seneca…show more content…
Women complained of being enslaved, denied the right to express their opinions in the general elections voting systems, and they were discriminated in the State’s job markets, and they had no right to property in their names and other common rights. The Declaration of Sentiment reflected the spirit of reforms characterized the American environment of the 1800s. It demanded the demonstration of democracy at all levels of governance. It also argued that women-owned the same natural rights and responsibilities as men, the right to life, and the right to be happy in their life. Claiming that government must seek the consent of those whom it governs, the women had to enjoy all rights and privileges they accrue being the citizens of United States. It also declared the independence of women which acted as a point of variation in the fight for gender equality that is seen even today in most of the social set ups. When Stanton listed the declaration of women independence, she expected that women would be freed from the influence of men who mistreated them. Stanton crossly asserts that women should be given rights since like men; they were also created by God. She added that God did not create man to control the woman. The document also closely examined the cases of slavery of the blacks in the United States. The central significance of the Declaration of Sentiments documents is that it provided a platform for women to air their grievances. Many critiques arose against women as a result of the document, although it aided them to make a good stride towards their freedom. The document is widely considered as one of the catalysts to the attainment of women’s rights in the United States. Analysis of the position of women in society today reveals that women are better placed compared to the pre-declaration of sentiment
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