The Decline Of Fatherhood And The Decline Of Fatherhood In America

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Today, the structure of what consisting a family is rapidly changing from the way it has been throughout the history. It is a common, unexpected and acceptable belief that there is a decline of fatherhood in America. Many children are living without a father figure in their homes or their fathers are completely absent from their lives. This is a dilemma across the world and has a significant effect on society. Children have to face with the disadvantages of growing up without a father and the consequences caused by the lack of support from them. Many studies have found that children who are raised without a father are more prone to have poor academic achievement, aggressive behavior, and a less likely to enjoy educational experience. We also need to take into consideration why so many fathers are not in the picture. It might be they are divorced. Divorce, one of the common reason for children separation. There is life-threatening disease where the father is battling cancer and cannot provide the child the socio-emotional need he is desperate for. Accident, workaholic, separated, died or incarcerated in prison, emotionally uninvolved in the child all are the reason that can make a child become fatherless. No matter what the cause is, all have adverse impact on the child’s behavior and affects the future life. Any man can be a father either biologically or through adoption. However, there is so much more than being a father in a child’s life.

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