The Decline Of The Ottoman Empire In The 19th Century

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The Ottoman Empire, one of the most well-known and powerful Islamic empires throughout history of humanity, it had control over several regions worldwide such as in Southeast Europe, North Africa and the Middle-East. It followed a dynastic monarchy rule in which it had a Sultan as ruler and absolute authority over the state, the empires main capital city was Constantinople (Present day Istanbul). The empire spanned a period of over 600 years from 1299 till 1923. However, the Ottoman Empire like other major empires throughout history, had a period in which it started to decline in power and in influence until it inevitably perished and was wiped out off the world’s map. It is argued that the empires strength truly has begun to decline in the 18th century until its collapse in early 20th century with the end of World War I, Mehmed VI being the last Sultan. (Shaw). In theory many factors contributed to the fall of the empire and its decline, some of them being due to; Economic factors, the state’s reliance on old and outdated technology and machinery while other nations such as the Europeans advanced and developed, the heavy dependence on agriculture within the Ottoman society and not producing a variety of domestic goods, the financial instabilities of the empire as well as political and administrative difficulties, dealing with inner as well as outer problems such as the rise of nationalism throughout the empire in the 19th century . It is in this essay that I
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