The Deepest Circles Of Hell In Dante's Inferno

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Hell has been an idea passed from the first christians, a sort of boogeyman story to keep those away from societal bads, sins. Although it is described as the worst most gruesome pun-ishment to ever be, the ultimate price to pay with your eternal, everlasting soul, not a soul has stuck the fear deeper than Dante. His extremely fitting, well thought out punishments await sinners in Hell. Each a custom fit for every sin, from Non christians who lived rather virtuous lives being treated to a generic downgrade heavenly castle, to gluttons living in vile self degrading snow, to the most heinous sinners being frozen deep in the coldest ice, the punishments that the tortured souls are forced to endure as reprimanded for their unspeakable acts are…show more content…
These proclaimed monsters are violent, fraudulent, sodomites, or traitors. Seven circles deep, this circle has been divided into three rings. First is occupied by those who were violent towards other people and property as well as murderers. sank into a river of boiling blood and fire. In the Middle Ring, the poets see suicidal sinners who have been turned into trees and bushes which are eaten by the demonic harpies. Dante also witnesses many promiscuous souls being forever pursued by hounds. The innermost ring is a burning desert where fire falls from the sky, raining down upon blasphemers and sodomites. The Eighth Circle of Hell is filled with fraudulent false prophets and the like. All those who practice false magic, business, etc. The last Circle of Hell is divided into 4 sections by seriousness of their traitorous sin however all punished are frozen in an icy lake. More severe sins sink sinners deeper in the ice. The 4 section are referred to as rounds, each round is named after a historical figure who personifies that sin. Round 1, Caina named after the biblical Cain who killed his brother, Round 2 is named Antenora after Antenor of Troy,3 Priam’s counselor during the Trojan War, Round 3 is named Ptolemaeus after the son of Abubus, Ptolemy, while Round 4 is named Judecca, after the apostle who betrayed Jesus with a

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