The Definition Of Adultery And Extra-Marital Affair

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CHAPTER-1 INTRODUCTION AND DEFINITIONS INTRODUCTION To proceed with this topic we first have to understand the definition and meaning of adultery and extra-marital affair. Adultery is extra-marital sex in general sense. But what kind of sexual issues are the ingredients of adultery is a big question. Ingredients of adultery vary from country to country and from culture to culture and so is its social, religious and legal effect. Concept of adultery is similar in Islam, Christianity and Judaism .The term "adultery" refers to sexual acts between a married person and someone who is not that person 's spouse. Whereas, extra-marital affairs includes both sexual attachments and romantic-friendly attachments. In traditional English Common Law, adultery was considered as felony. Felony was originally crime that involves confiscation of a person 's land or good. This concept was mainly prevailing in English legal system because such legal system use to consider wife as a man 's chattel and every man had right over his goods and properties. In some legal systems, having sexual relations with a sovereign 's consort or an heir to the throne constitutes treason. In cultures which value and normally practice exclusive interpersonal-relationship, sexual relations with a person outside the relationship may also be described as in-fidelity or cheating, and is subject to sanction. In India, sections 494 and 495 of IPC deals with bigamy, section 497 deals with adultery and section 498 deals

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