The Definition Of Conflict And Conflict Management

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1. Conflict And Conflict Management
Conflicts and arguments are part of our daily lives and we deal with them in our own ways. Usually conflicts arise between two or more individuals, organizations or even nations and the scope of every conflict is to find a solution to the disagreement that was created between the parties. Each disagreement may have a different nature, even if it is personal, financial or political there must be a solution.
The most common way to deal with conflict is to avoid it, some individuals leave the discussion, and some get angry and upset, actually it may amaze you what people would do in order to avoid a conflict. Denial is one of the most common issues when we talk about resolving a conflict. Through denial people may postpone the conflict from one or two days to even a couple of years. The word “conflict” is usually associated with something bad and people tend to take the negative part of the meaning.
1.1. Definition Of Conflict And Conflict Management
The simplest definition of “conflict” is that it appears when a person is in need of another and the need is not satisfied. The first step in resolving the conflict is that the need should be expressed and define the need, than you have to find out if your need can or cannot be satisfied. If the need can be met that we have resolution of conflict but if the need is not met, we turn to negotiation in order to resolve the conflict. Most of us do not do not express their needs correctly and do not

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