The Definition Of Courage: The Courageous Life

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The Courageous Life Courage is an emotion that dug its roots into immortality; an emotion not lightly looked upon, an emotion that carries glorified connotation. Courage has become a symbol of a hero, or heros; courage signifies the powerful the strong, and even the weak. Courage is an emotion achievable by all, yet the meaning of courage seems to suggest a the need to put one 's life in danger, to do something profoundly life endangering. Courage to many is on a relatable scale to the actions of the Spartans at the battle of Thermopylae; where facing certain death the three hundred men fought valiantly to the end, protecting their country. This connotation of courage as being of, or relating to memorable heros, or achivers, is not wrong; when Bill Gates began, it took courage on his part to undergo such an overwhelming undertaking, but he succeeded. Again this took courage, but took large scale courage; but what about living everyday with courage? A thought not many come across while living their life everyday. It is an intriguing question and leads to a moral that I personally live by everyday in my life. It is a moral, a belief, that I hold true everyday and live by; it’s the belief to live everyday with courage. This moral I hold, is one I carry with me everyday, a moral that is encompassed in a tripartite, or three part ideology.
Part one of the tripartite ideology, surrounding living everyday with courage, is the need for courage everyday to face each

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