The Definition Of Dignified Care In Nursing Care

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The Oxford English Dictionary defines dignity as "The state or quality of being worthy of honour or respect"(2015). Although there are many definitions of this word, I am going to use this definition in this assignment as it is closest to that of my personal beliefs of what dignity is. It is important to respect the dignity of patients as individuals as each patient has individual needs and dependencies from the nurse and these requirements cannot be pooled. These people are individuals and we must assess them and treat them with dignity as individuals. Dignified care involves integrating respect, compassion and sensitivity into your nursing care. This involves respecting there beliefs, wishes and needs, being compassionate towards their feelings and emotional needs and being sensitive towards needs, ensuring comfort (RCN, 2015). An example of when I delivered dignified care was when I was assisting somebody to use the toilet. This particular patient was a CVA victim and had a right sided weakness. She could mobilize with a cane and a splint on her right leg. Although it was a lengthily and time consuming task, I always ensured that I made it my priority to assist her to the toilet whenever she needed to go. I also closed the door over while she was toileting to give her some privacy and allow her to remain dignified as well. In return, the woman was very grateful that I ensured I took the time to help her to the bathroom rather than her sitting in a wet pad every time

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