The Importance Of Dignity In Nursing

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The Oxford English Dictionary defines dignity as "The state or quality of being worthy of honour or respect"(2015). Although there are many definitions of this word, I am going to use this definition in this assignment as it is closest to that of my personal beliefs of what dignity is. It is important to respect the dignity of patients as individuals as each patient has individual needs and dependencies from the nurse and these requirements cannot be pooled. These people are individuals and we must assess them and treat them with dignity as individuals.
Dignified care involves integrating respect, compassion and sensitivity into your nursing care. This involves respecting there beliefs, wishes and needs, being compassionate towards their
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These four concepts of the metaparadigm of nursing are more specifically “The person receiving the nursing, the environment within which the person exits, the health–illness continuum within which the person falls at the time of the interaction with the nurse, and, finally, nursing actions themselves” (Flaskerud & Holloran, 1980). A nursing model could be defined as “a picture or representation of what nursing actually is” (Pearson et al, 1996). Components of nursing are complex and as a result, many were developed. it can be said that each model of nursing offers a different way of thinking about nursing and that each presents a different way of guiding nursing practice (Murphy et al, 2010). The Model of Nursing I am going to focus on in this essay is The Roper, Logan and Teirney Nursing Model on the Activities of Daily Living (ADL 's).
The Roper, Logan and Teirney ADL 's model of nursing attempts to define what living means. The goal of the nursing assessment and interventions is to promote maximum independence for the patient. The model includes the following
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The nurses main aim is to give as much independence back to the patient at all times. The nurse never should do something for a patient that they can do themselves eg. feeding. The model, although not recommended, is used almost like a checklist on admission of a patient to gauge their dependence on the nurse. Roper herself said that this model is simply a tool and should not be used solely alone, however, oftentimes in the UK it is (, 2013).
In conclusion, The Roper, Logan and Teirney Model of Nursing on the Activities of Daily Living is very effective in assessing a patients independence, guiding the nurse on appropriate care to provide for her patients and assisting the nurse with tasks such as time management and making decisions on safety measures. It also helps to monitor the progress of a nurses patients and nursing models guide nursing practice in all of the above ways. This model is overall a key tool used in many hospitals across the globe, especially in the UK and Ireland to
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