The Definition Of Ethical Nursing Practice

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Define in your own words "ethical nursing practice." Ethical nursing practice is knowing the right thing to do and doing it in the best interest of the patient to restore health and safeguard life. Describe the basis or framework you used for your definition. The basis of the definition is the ethical principles of nursing. This provides the standards for judgement and decision making. Beneficence- This demands the nurse to do good,and choose the best choice of care in any situation and always be kind. Non- Maleficence- Nurses are required to desist from harming any healthcare users. Justice- Nurses are required to act fairly where there is a conflict of interest Autonomy- should respect patent's autonomy for the patients to make their own decisions and options which pertaining to their health matters.…show more content…
Legal nursing practice: Practising nursing in accordance with the law governing nursing practice. It includes constitutional, statutory, criminal and civil laws. for example the Nursing practice Act. Ethical nursing Practice: This requires the nurse to act as a moral agent, it is the ethical obligation of the nurse to serve without self-interest , promoting nursing ethical standards in the best interest of the
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