The Definition Of Female Beauty In Traditional Chinese Culture

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Under the continuous wave of globalization, as people, ideas and goods move more easily in the globe, we are living in cross-cultural societies which have become more alike. However, there will never be a single, shared definition of female beauty. To some extent, the ideal beauty will even become more and more varied, due to the fact that we are living in increasingly multi-cultural societies, as well as the beauty industry is providing more diversified products.

A plural society where people of different religions and cultures live side by side plays an important role in shaping diverse ideals of beauty. While white is regarded as purity, innocence and virginity in Christian, it is the color of mourning in traditional Chinese culture ("White," n.d.). As a result, it was impossible for a Chinese bride to wear in white in the past. Nevertheless, due to cultural exchanges so far, Chinese people have gradually absorbed elements of Christian culture and white wedding dresses are now commonly accepted. In addition, because of poverty, some countries in Africa do not celebrate thinness the way Asian people do. Famously, the country of Mauritania idolizes overweight women since it is seen as a sign of wealth and fertility in their society (Phan, 2015). Yet, as a growing number of foreigners and foreign cultures were involved in their lives, Mauritanian have also learned to appreciate the beauty of thinness. In general, though fundamental religious and social values and

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